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Sheer verticals with fun chair


From a simple stop at one of our local galleries to a Free In-Home Design Consultation, we believe you'll feel right at home working with a local, third-generation, and family-owned business. 


 At Bay View Shade and Blind, we know that our stand on quality first is what has kept our customers satisfied over the years.


To enrich lives through training and developing leaders who will bring joy, value, and function while beautifying living spaces.

Character, Honesty, Integrity, and the Golden Rule.



Live a legacy of excellence by building and growing to positively impact people near and far.

Maximize our individual gifts and talents to provide the most phenomenal experience to shine like a bright light in this dark world.




What does this mean for you?

It's easy to get a quick sale on something cheap that looks nice, for the short term... But what happens when you encounter a problem down the road? You may remember, "Oh yeah! I have a warranty…" You get in touch with your merchant, and you come to find out they no longer make the item. You're told you have to buy new. Ultimately you think... "What was the purpose of having a warranty?" It's safe to say we’ve all been there before.  

Wouldn't it be easier to avoid that cycle altogether, by focusing on the cost of ownership rather than the price? We believe so! That's why we sell quality first products, at the very best price point we can.

When we say we have a Three-Year Guarantee we mean: if there's a problem, it'll be our problem to fix, not yours.

No receipt? No problem, we’ll know who you are!


With over 90 years of satisfied customers, we don't just tell you we're here for you... we have a history to prove it.

custom window shades and blinds in Milwaukee

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