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Bay View Shade & Blind is taking our expertise to the next level. For nearly 100 years, we have handled every aspect of window fashions; From concept and design, to manufacturing, installation and repairs. We are now applying our generational expertise to help you maintain or restore the look, beauty and function of your window fashions with our cleaning services. Years of everyday life with kids, pets, food incidents, water intrusion, and airborne dust, can slowly take a toll on the look and function of your window treatments. Schedule one of our fully Certified and Trained Specialists to revitalize the look of your shades and remember what it was like the first day they were installed. You'll be amazed at the difference!

Cleaning is completed on-site. Each product is cleaned utilizing a proprietary process based on manufacturer, material type and shade style.

Types of Blinds Cleaned:

  • Mini-blinds

  • Silhouettes

  • Luminettes

  • Pirouettes

  • Vignettes

  • Verticals

  • Roman shades

  • Wood & Faux Wood blinds

  • Roller Shades

  • Pleated & Cellular Shades

Manufacturers Cleaned




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Frequently asked questions

How Often Should You Get Your Blinds Cleaned?

-Do children handle window treatments? -Do you have animals? -Do you have and use a fireplace? -Do you frequently burn candles? -Do you live near a body of water? All of these things and more can factor into how often blinds need to be cleaned. So it is recommend that you have your blinds cleaned every 2 years. If you have respiratory complications, more frequently is recommended.

How Much Does it Cost?

Pricing is based on a number of factors including overall size, shade type, material type, and if any special cleaning is required ie spot & stain removal. Generally, the cost to clean is a fraction of the cost to replace your custom treatments.

How Long Does It Take?

Assuming a normal height and location of window treatments, our Cleaning Specialists can remove, clean, and reinstall your window treatments within 2-4 hours. Volume of treatments and material types will impact this timeline.

Do You Clean During Winter Months?

Absolutely! We have a customized trailer specifically built for Wisconsin weather, so we can clean your treatments in rain, snow or shine. The only exception would be if temperatures drop below zero, our water system may be susceptible to extreme cold temperatures. We always communicate well in advance if we need to reschedule due to an extreme weather event.

Where Do You Clean The Shades?

We bring the equipment to you! Most of our projects are completed right in your driveway, inside our custom blind cleaning trailer. If you have a small project that you'd prefer to drop off at our location in Waukesha, we can discount the cleaning cost accordingly.

Can You Remove Stains Caused By Crayon, Ink, Marker, Food, Wine etc?

Generally we are able to remove most stains, spots and markings. Once on site, we will communicate any concerns about our ability to restore your product. You can then make a decision as to what you'd like to do. We may ask for a picture of the shade up front in order to help pre-determine our ability to restore your treatment to an acceptable level.

Do You Clean Everything With UltraSonic Technology?

Absolutely not! While this technology can be used for a number of fabric and shade types, there are many treatments that can be ruined if using this approach. We utilize a customized approach to deal with every manufacturer and material type. Custom treatments need custom cleaning strategies!

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