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Create Efficiency With Honeycomb

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

When thinking about keeping your home warm or cool, consumers always think they need new insulation, new windows, or better roofing materials. What about your Window treatments? Do you ever feel that your Window treatments can help keep you warm and cozy in the winter or cool and comfortable in the summer? In most cases, you do not realize or you just don’t think about it.

Cellular shades also known as Honeycomb shades are one of the most energy-efficient Window coverings in the market today. How much efficiency depends on 2 things, pleat sizes and the number of layers you purchase.

The size of each Honeycomb helps increase and decrease the amount of efficiency your windows provide. The larger pleat size traps more air and increases the efficiency of your treatment. The smaller pleat traps less air and decreases the efficiency of that treatment. However, there has to be a happy balance between design style and efficiency. The smaller pleats look better in smaller windows and the larger pleats look better in wider windows.

The second important part is the number of layers that you purchase. While shades with just one layer of honeycomb are more cost-effective that does not mean they are the best for what you are trying to achieve. Honeycomb shades are also offered in double cells and even triple cells. The more cells, the lower your utility bill can go down. However, you also need to consider the other options of Honeycomb shades to determine what is best. Top-down/Bottom up, room darkening liners, cordless or motorized controls, just to name a few.

With energy efficiency in mind, there are 5 other things that you should keep in mind when purchasing your perfect window treatment.

  1. Location, Location, Location - Every room in your home is not used the same. Consider the use of that room when choosing options.

  2. Style - Consider the literally hundreds of fabric options that are available to match your style and room.

  3. Privacy - How much privacy do you need for each room and consider that against how much light you want coming into the room.

  4. Safety - If this is for a kid's room then you may want to do a cordless system or a motorized system to keep your kids safe.

  5. Additions - Will you be adding a valance, cornice, drapery, or curtain?

These are the type of questions that you should be asking yourself when choosing the best window treatments for your home or business. These are the types of questions our expert design consultants ask during your free in-home consultation. These are the types of questions that need to be decided to make sure your home has great form, function, and beauty. Your home is where you and your family create memories for years to come and you deserve the very best!

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