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Deciphering Drapery

Your home and tastes are unique and individualistic, and your custom drapery can be too! Many factors go into creating just the right drapery for your style and your home. Would you like decorative panels to frame out and soften an area, or would you favor traversing drapery that will also give you the light control & privacy you are looking for? Do you prefer the rods to be hidden, or would a beautifully stained wooden rod or a finished metal rod be more appropriate for your home? At Bay View Shade & Blind, our Design Consultants can help you with all of these decisions, and many more.

The absolute best place to select fabric is in your home, and our designers will bring a large variety of fabrics to your home to compare with your woodwork, flooring, fireplace, and decor. Subtle changes in color can greatly affect the tone of fabric, and the opportunity to view fabrics in your home is a must.

Sizing, heights & installing, oh my! Bay View Shade & Blind’s in-home consultants will calculate the best width when factoring in the ‘stack’ size, and also recommend appropriate heights for your drapery, based on the individual room and windows. Our installation team will also not only professionally install your drapery, but will also ‘dress’ your drapery, which is a very important step in the process, and ensures that your drapery looks beautiful and hangs properly.

Custom drapery can transform the look and feel of your home, and Bay View Shade & Blind can help you every step of the way! Your first step is to set up an in-home consultation with one of our designers, and we will then work with you to facilitate the creation of your custom design.


Design Consultant

Bay View Shade & Blind

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