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What window treatments do you want?

Updated: Feb 16

Whether you are buying your first house or renovating a house you have lived in for a long time, decorating your home can be fun and so exhilarating. The process is overwhelming with decision after decision but in the end, you are making your house a home for you and your family to be proud of.

Bay View Shade and Blind can partner with you to create an environment that is either modern or traditional and our designers can help you create the coziness that you are looking for. The fact that we work with so many manufacturers and also manufacture our own products assures you that we will have the perfect choice from operation to fabrics and even energy efficiency.


If you are a fan of traditional architecture and your new design follows traditional design then we have many patterns, textures, and operational choices to match your traditional and antique furniture. We would recommend you look at roman shades, Venetian blind, or a traditional wood plantation shutter to bring out the elegance of your space and the beauty of the traditional design.

Get Beachy

One of my favorite styles is really becoming a goto style. The Beach look or also known as the Coastal style is all about colors, whites, blues, light shades of greens, and woods that give the look of driftwood. This style invites the use of wood shutters, light-colored shades, and woven wood shades. The use of natural light in this style is of the utmost importance and how your Window treatment can adapt to the light at different times of the day and weather is important to the overall look.

Go Modern

The ever-popular modern design requires natural light and deep solid colors with clean lines. Vertical Blinds and Roller shades tend to be used a lot in this style of design. To keep the natural light there are different opacities that you can interchange from a light opacity to let the sunshine into the room, and darkening to have that perfect family movie night no matter the time of day. Your choice of furniture and the use of the room may make the decision for you to create that beautiful functional design that you are looking for.

Shifting design

Many people will call this a transitional design. This is when you have a love for all three styles, Modern, Traditional, and Beachy. It is the perfect blend of the three and avoids busy patterns to create comfort while also creating a cozy home to enjoy. Neutrality is very important in this style and you will see a mix of beautiful natural woods with clean lines and many textures without getting opulent. Our Roman Shades and Roller Shades are a perfect choice for this design and style.


Minimalists are all about simple style and clean colors. Bold colors and simple treatments are a staple in this style. Roller shades, Solar shades, and Cellular shades are the perfect blend for this person. Pairing them with motorization and cordless options increases this design as they do not like to see cords or beads to operate them.


Mid-Century style is defined as looks from the ’40s to the ’70s. The introduction of graphic patterns, shapes, and clutter styles lends itself well to roller shades and wooden blinds to provide comfort and a pop of color. Blending with some modern features like Top down -bottom up or motorization can keep the look with the simple style you are looking for.


This style is a nod to the loft lifestyle. It is about high ceilings, exposed brick, and open space. Simplicity and a blend of raw metal and raw wood are at the front and center. Cellular Shades and Metal blinds are the perfect choices for this style. Due to the style, it is important to have a function and energy efficiency with whatever you choose to make your space cozy yet raw. The amount of sun coming through the window has a tendency to create the ambiance that the designer is looking for more than the other styles.


Bringing the outdoors in and having an open space, yet cozy is perfect for the rustic lifestyle. Natural materials like wood shutters, woven shades, or neutral fabrics are a perfect fit for this style. Having a lighter opacity is a good choice for this thus allowing the sun to shine in while also providing privacy.

Whatever style you choose, Bay View Shade and Blind is a perfect choice to help you! Having many of the top brands and thousands of different styles, woods, or fabrics to choose from allows you to stay with your style or mix it up. Our Designers have an amazing ability to ask the right questions to give you choices to reduce the overwhelming decisions that you need to make.

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